Ivy and Willow

Hey everyone, it’s us.. Ivy and Willow.. We are related, somehow. Lhasa Happy homes received a call about us along with 14 other dogs that were living in a hoarder/drug house and was asked if she could take us in. Without hesitation she said yes.. LSP agreed to foster us. We have been with her for about a week. It has not been without some stress though. We got picked up and went right to the hair stylist, neither one of us like it.. BUT… I (Willow) was much better than Ivy. She was so bad she had to go back the next day.. The following day, we go get pic’s taken of us. We have two women in front of us, making the strangest noises, we were thinking, we went from drugs to own right cray cray.. Well, as it turns out, they were trying to get out attention to get good pic’s of us, and they said they did.. DUH, like we could ever take a bad pic? Oh brother.. Then, we are taking Ivy back to the hair stylist, and guess what?… Yep, Mama D. dropped me off as well. WHAT???? Why me? Come to find out he had to replace my bows, SMH!~ Then we had a doctors appt. and the guy was looking and looking at us, then.. He stuck something up Ivy’s butt… OMG- What just happened? Am I next? BOL Nope, I didn’t have to get it done. Lucky me.. Can you believe all of this in a matter of days? Ok.. This is the kicker.. Yesterday Mama D. came down the stairs at the crack of dawn…dressed. We were like ok.. what now??? She puts us in the dreaded car and we know we are going somewhere.. Ivy started throwing up like mad.. She was so nervous, I was a big girl but not real happy that I was in the same crate as throw up.. YUK! Hopefully we will be reaching the “destination” soon. We do.. You’ll never guess where we were? Yep, another doctor.. This time was crazy.. We went in.. All the sudden we don’t remember anything.. We wake up, I am not even sure we were asleep, it was the craziest thing we have ever went through.. And let me tell you… Our bellies were on fire.. I think they cut my insides out. What is happening here? we are in pain, we both feel really groggy, and all we want to do is get home.. Where is that Mama D. Oh here she is.. You see, she is so loud.. We got a little excited but could not move. A technician tried to get Ivy and she snapped at him. I was BOL, she was not having anymore snip and tucks.. Thank god she protects me.. I thought well, I can do the same thing.. All of the sudden, here comes Mama D. and Auntie S to bust us out. We get in that darn car, hopefully to go home, and both of us are whining.. Ok.. So why does Mama D. say.. “Oh I am so sorry, it’s ok, I understand”… SERIOUSLY……. Did she have all of her insides removed and then be stuck in a cage feeling super weird? I don’t think so, I am not convinced, she finally admitted that she hasn’t. Anyway, it’s day 2 from that nightmare and we are both super tired, so we are resting today. Maybe if we keep our eyes closed, we won’t need to go in that car for a couple days.. everytime we do, something happens…


Until another day…

Love, Willow and Ivy  (Sorry, I am much more talkative than Ivy) I took over.. BOL BOL



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Angie Olson
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 00:22:46

    Love you girls!



  2. Little Miss Menopause
    Mar 18, 2014 @ 07:22:20

    Hey Donna – – I dropped in tonight to see if you were going to post/blog about the earthquake! I saw your Facebook post and wanted to hear more about your reaction and the dogs. Gosh, I hate that!!! I am so glad you started a blog. I can’t wait to read all the Doggy Tails, pun intended. Also, hope this doesn’t sound bad but is the lady that made the necklaces finished sending them out? I never received anything and I just thought they were so beautiful. Just thought I’d check. Happy Blogging, Girlfriend!
    Stephanie AND Lola



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