Pumpkin the Pug

Hi all,

It’s Pumpkin, the Pug.. Most of you know me and I am sorry for those of you who don’t. I am pretty spectacular. Here is my story.. I was found walking the streets of Moreno Valley one evening. The girl who found me put an ad out on CL and from the next day forward, my life forever changed. 2 ladies came to get me, I had no idea who they were or where I was going, all I knew is my feet were killing me, so being held in an air conditioned toaster felt pretty good. They named me Pumpkin, I’m pretty sure I could have been named something much more chic, but it’s ok.. I’ve become accustomed to it.. I went to many doctors, they thought I was preggers, you see, I have been a mommy many times, so it looked like I could have been.. I had a lot of xrays done and an ultra sound, and come to find out, I was having a false pregnancy. Hey, what am I supposed to know, all I knew was I was always carrying babies… they tried to put me under and I wasn’t doing well so they had to pull me out of the anesthesia. At that point, Mama D. became mommy and no more talk of being adopted.. I was home.. Since then, I have been spayed, I am UTD on shots, and everything is Ducky.. But I am still not going anywhere and I could not be happier. Mom and I are close.. She loves me so much. I only have 1 eye, I sleep with one eye opened, I snore loud, breathe hard, eat a lot, take up mom’s entire lap, am picky with my treats, and pretty heavy to pick up to put into bed every night and take down every morning I don’t think she would want me any other way. She too carries some of the same traits, BOL…. The point of this blog.. Don’t ever stop dreaming.. Life can and will get better if you continue to believe.. You may not be perfect for everyone, but you will be perfect for someone. I am where I was supposed to be, it just took me awhile to get here. Image                       


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