new day, new love story

hey everyone, Mama D. here. Shout out to everyone who commented on my blog last night, I appreciate the feedback, the words of encouragement and nice words were very kind too.

Well, Meesha made it home without incident. She is home, sweet home. Have a great life Meesha, we/I love you, and am so honored to have had 2 weeks with you. Your mommy and I are going to be forever friends too, so that’s just a bonus. 🙂

I mentioned going to Carson yesterday afternoon to pick up a dog.. I didn’t really go into detail about him as my heart was somewhere else, to be honest. Today is a new day, Meesha is safe and as I mentioned yesterday, time for me get to rescuing. I’d like to blog about Walker tonight. Walker is a min pin mix, about 5 years old. Harlee’s rescue was going to take him but a rescue in Utah that specializes in handicap dogs wants him, so he’ll be leaving on Monday to go to his forever home. It’s not always rescue, love and adopt.. Sometimes it’s pull, love and be their 1/2 way home. This is the case for Walker. Both of his front legs are severly deformed. In spending time with him today, my gut tells me that this guy was injured and never saw a vet to get fixed.. his bones have defused and now HE pays the price because of a HUMANS irresponsible decision not to seek help for this guy. Oh allow me to let you all know he was dumped at the shelter because they couldn’t care for his front legs.. I bet it won’t be long before they have another back yard dog. Anyway.. Walker is a trooper, being that he cannot walk on his pads, his nails are probably 3″ long, and he walks on his wrists. He will not let this get him down, he walks, he runs, he throws toys up in the air to play, and he has a very deep love for something here at the Taylor 1/2 way house… A stuffed bear, and let me tell you.. He is NOT afraid to show his love for this bear. I just may have displayed total creepyness tonight as I video taped he and the bear having intimate time together. I tried to explain that he really shouldn’t do that, he was having no part of my story, it was about them, and that was that as for me???? May bring this up to my therapist when I talk to her, could be considered disturbing. LOL-

Handicapped dogs can and do live a great life once they are treated and loved…yet, once again. They have wheels for dogs, and once they get used to it, it’s like any other dog getting around on all 4’s. Walker will probably get wheels. If you would like more information, please see K9 Carts.. They are a wonderful group of people who spend their lives making sure animals of all shapes and size, live a great life. They donated wheels to the 1st handicap dog I fostered.

I will end this asking all of you to please appreciate your furbaby for who they are and the love they give.. If they are different than others, it’s completely ok.. be proud that they love YOU.. I tend to be drawn to 1 eyed dogs.. Put them together, and they now have 2

eyes. 🙂 Image


#MuchLove Mama D. xo


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