Earthquake prepareness for your pets

Hi everyone, it’s Mama D. As many of you know, we experienced a 5.1 earthquake last night, which was felt in 4 Counties, ours being one of them. We have not had a sizable earthquake in years so I am sure there are a lot of us that asked themselves last night.. Are we ready for a big one? Oh my dog, have I prepared for my dogs in case? The answer is no and no.. Being a California girl my entire life, you’d think I’d be more prepared, my prepareness was simply, “uhm, we are having an earthquake, shit, this one is big” as I have 3 dogs on my lap. Crates that are up are in places that do not have any chance of anything falling on top of them ie.. pictures, T.V’s and such.. But that is the extent of it.. As a responsible dog mom, and a rescue, it’s my responsibility to make sure they are safe as well.. So today, I embark on doing just that.. Here’s a great list of items you may need..

Prepare a pet disaster kit.  Store it with your family disaster supplies kit.  Some things to include in a pet kit are:

pet disaster kit

  • A sturdy carrier
  • An up-to-date identification tag
  • A leash
  • Food and water for at least three days
  • A bowl
  • Plastic bags for potty clean up
  • Medication
  • Can opener
  • A copy of veterinary record
  • A photo of your pet
  • Blankets
  • Phone numbers of emergency veterinary clinic and local animal shelter
  • A pet first aid kit, including various sizes of bandages, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, Q-tips, elasticized tape, saline eye wash and ear cleaning solution

Enact Pet Plan

  1. Take your pets with you in cases of evacuation. Pets are usually not allowed in emergency shelters, so make arrangements to have someone take care of your pet if you must stay in a shelter. Alternatively, below are resources for pet-friendly accommodations:


Some of you may be thinking, that seems like a lot to do? I’d be lying if I didn’t initially think that myself.. But then I realized, aren’t they worth it? Could I ever forgive myself if I didn’t have this and needed it? The answer was simple… Absolutely not!

I’ll end this by asking all of you, to please be prepared, take the time to make sure you and your loved ones including your furbabies are safe.



Mama D



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